Februar 2016
Supportive Leadership - The New Role of Executives in the 21st Century

More than two thirds of all problems in our society result from a decrepit leadership culture in economy and politics which allows indispensable profound reforms (i.e. sustainable climate protection, responsible finance, social and tax legislation, reduction of bureaucracy) and “green” technologies for our environment and thus a qualitative (and not just quantitative) growth to only a limited extent. The whole of Europe is deeply in dept. The standards of living and raw materials become more and more expensive. Nature and “deceived” people strike back because leadership elites show a high degree of inertia. Those responsible lack the capability to anticipate in time the necessary processes of innovation and change, to control and implement them. A study of the University of St. Gallen/Swiss proves that chaotic future planning and project management entails much more billions of additional costs. profilingvalues®

In this context please read the book by our senior partner, Guenther H. Schust

July 2014
The Managers of tomorrow will be more successful - when 're-thinking' the importance of leadership

Time is running like crazy, and the environment people have to live in does not get any better, it becomes rather more costly, lacks emotion and is generally deteriorating ... Unfortunately, both leading managers and politicians fail to think about that. Tomorrow's leadership needs a paradigm shift for bringing people close to the pulse of events, to keep them there in order to prepare them emotionally for and support the necessary (environmental) changes and to acquire new skills in accordance therewith ...

Make sure to always identify the key employees and managers by considering the added value they create, i.e. what are the results they are expected to bring to the company by applying which capabilities and values. For doing so, apply scientifically founded Online Profiling Methods in order to avoid costly recruitment errors. profilingvalues®

In this context please read the article by our senior partner, Guenther H. Schust

Seit knapp einem Jahr zertifiziert IHH INTERNATIONAL HEAD HUNTERS als Coach Partner von profilingvalues in seinem Haus. Das neue Ausbildungskonzept, das seit April diesen Jahres gültig ist, gibt sowohl Human Resource Fachleuten wie auch Coaches und Trainern die Möglichkeit, sich das umfassende Wissen in einem zweitägigen Seminar anzueignen. Neue Möglichkeiten erschließen sich dadurch in den Bereichen der Personalauswahl und –entwicklung sowie im Coaching jenseits der bekannten Wege.


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