Profiling method

The most important assets a company can have are people who are willing to focus all their effort on the sucess of the company.

Executives of successful businesses found out a long time that the gut feeling and knowledge of human nature does not suffice the skills, motivation and special qualifications of a potential employee.

For example: You have 10 staff members in the sales department. 3 of them make 60% of the whole turnover. The other 7 split the remaining 40%. Our tool gives us the ability to create a benchmark with the profiles of the 3 top sales men. Afterwards we compare that benchmark with the profile of the 7 men in the second row. That way you can clearly see by how many points the staff in second row are differing from the top sales men. If you as a businessman are aware of the differences in your staff, then you will be able to place your staff members more effectively. And you will select future staff members more precisely.

IHH wants to help in the process - by minimizing false placement and optimizing the selection process. We provide an insight and overview in the capabilities as well as the personell structures of the management level in terms of an all embracing capability analysis. A portfolio will give the decision makers in top management a clear picture. Consequentially you can initiate precise arrangements.

Out tools offer our customers - as well as our candidates - the ability to allocate objective and significant information about candidates and/or staff members. We are doing this in collaboration with Profiles International Germany.

We increase your productiveness by:
We offer our services including the following tools:

DISG® – gives information about the attributes and the behaviour of the employee.

Products from Profiles International:
Team Analysis™ – analyzes how well the team is cooperating.
Profile XT™ - how well does the candidate match to the position?
Checkpoint 360°™ - is giving a clear, detailed picture about the strengths and weaknesses of a potential executive.

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