Interim Management
How to bridgeover shortage of staff at management level

Important decisions need to be made and rather yesterday than today! It is now more important than ever to approach and tackle the necessities quickly and in the right way. To have knowledge and experience on short call at one's disposal is a strategic success factor that is vital for the future success of your business.

Interim Managers are often called in crisis management to make up for the shortage of personnel and at times as division manager is needed to re- structure a part of a company. Lately companies have been falling back on Interim Managers within the scope of a company project if the local capacities of the respective companies are not sufficient enough. The same is true for special themes that companies are confronted with, i.e.: Basel II, CMMI, introduction of SAP R/3 or for example the build-up of a new sales department which will be integrated afterwards in the companies organisational structure.

How does interim management differ from project management?

Interim management engages itself with the clearing of strategic projects and the tackling and closing of tasks at management level. The interim manager is provided with the permission to take disciplinary action against someone whereas the project manager is not provided with those competences.

Advantages for our clients and candidates

Operational areas & Examples

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