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You have led your business and redeveloped the company successfully over many years. Now you are faced with the necessity to settle the succession of the business in the foreseeable future. Maybe in your own family you are lacking of a successor who could take over. Or maybe you have the situation that one or more of your partners/shareholders want to resign because of reasons of age, strategic causes or simply because there are differences in the corporate management.

Management-Buy-Out (MBO) is a special form of succession: your own management i.e. executives, shareholders or board members want to buy your business. Whereas Management-Buy-In (MBI) means that third party managers want to take over your business. MBO is involving individual specialists and executive staff of your company, but MBO is involving outside personnel.

Each of them demands the same elaborateness as any other sale the company makes for reasons of succession. When having to make such difficult decisions we offer models for solutions that will keep the structure of your company, if the current structure is preferred. This will help your business carry on operating independently on the market and you will still have the possibility to commit financially to the companies success.

We care a great deal about supporting you in the search for suitable managers. This is especially the case while you form the job specifications, identification of relevant channels for research, execution of first contact and first interview (if desired anonymous) and professional judgement of the candidates.

As a result of the close contact to economy the partners and consultants of IHH are kept informed of ongoing events in the market. This allows us to bring together companies, managers and financial capital to help our customers create a successful business start-up.

Many young businessmen and businesswomen follow the slogan "Buying instead of launching!" and buy themselves into a already existing business that has left behind the difficulties of the launching phase. Our widely ramified networks allow us to bring you as a manager together with your future company.

Alternatively you secure the preservation of your lifework and the continuity of the business by selling to your staff members.

Consulting services for the buyer
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