Personell recruitment in high-level business environment:
Better methods for more and quicker sucess!

The situation on the labour market

The demand for specialists, fitting the available position with the suitable profile of their skills and personality traits, is still given. Globalisation endeavours, liberalisation and intensification of competition, the failure rates from bussiness combinations and the growing request for communication that follows those failures is increasing the demand for qualified specialists and executives.

The adequate filling of vacant positions is getting exhausting and mostly time-consuming for most companies. Time pressure for companys that want to keep pace with changing trends is one of the biggest problems.

The quicker way:

Plug into the vital network and strong contacts of our partners. Our expertise is mostly in the fields of IT, telecommunication, print and new media, logistics, retail, automotive, brand marketing, capital goods industry (engineering and plant construction), fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), entertainment, internet, medical technology and health care and banking as well as leasing and venture capital.

Traditional methods in recruitment are not meeting the requirements!

The traditional ways of human resource recruitment are not working sufficient enogh anymore. Employment offices are out of the question and advertising agencies and traditional recruitment ways are not satisfying enough, because the situation on the market is demanding to adress candidates in a very personal and direct way, in consideration of demographic trends in europe.

Direct Search

The IHH-Direct-Search-Process is placed between traditional HR consulting and the classical executive search. We bring into play excellent contacts in the market and for the recruitment of foreign specialists we utilize our strong international network.

Our focus has always been the human being.

The individual is despite of all technical endeavours taking center stage in all our efforts. We determine not only the professional requirements that are being demanded from potential candidates, but in particular their personal needs.

A more efficient process - the modular HR-Sytem-House and its benefits

Clear structures care for transparency. An exact defined search process is the basis for success in modern HR consultancy. The defined search process, next to the knowledge of human nature and life experiences, is crucial for a successful outcome.

We offer our customers different facultative performance packages that meet their requirements. Our consultants stay in close contact with our clients during the search and the recruitment process. By doing this we guarantee excellent lucidity to our clients and offer the possibility to adjust and fine-tune the profile of their wanted candidate.

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