Outplacement consultancy
Using our contacts from the market to your advantage!

The laying off of employees has a critical impact on the company: It affects the employee leaving, but it also impacts the staff remaining. And the impact on the staff remaining is often not taken into account.

Outplacement is helping companies with separation from employees by dealing with it amicably, fairly and in sight of your social responsibilities. The mixture of mentoring, training and coaching is more then just courtesy for laid off employees. Professional outplacement gives the company the ability to protect the external company image and to make the process positive. During the staff reduction, the subjective feelings of the remaining employees relates driectly to the performance of the company.

Outplacement consultancy offers a step like system of qualification and advice

Outplacement consultancy will help the affected staff members to get over the initial shock, build active new perspectives, support the placement of staff in a new work place and help to create a more neutral relationship with the previous employer rather then a negative one. The advantages for the company: prevention of legal disputes, cutting costs by shortening remaining terms of the contract and prevention of a lack of motivation of the remaining staff in the company. The realisation of this consultancy service is taking place in individual outplacements with non-tariff employees or in group outplacements of employees with agreed wages.

Immediate action leads to success

We will develop a custom-made concept depending on the specific situation of the company. Most vital for a successful outcome is an early start with consultants to prevent any rumors spreading about the company. Outplacement is a very important strategic tool in human resource management to guarantee a separation process without conflict and to create a way for a amicable procedure.

IHH supports you in developing the hidden employment market

We know the personal demand of all sorts of branches because of our vital networks and our intense contacts to the market. The significance of the hidden employment market has become a more important factor than ever before. Only the smaller amount of vacant positions is seen in form of job advertisements. The rest lies - like the ice berg in the sea - unseen under the surface. One main focus emphasizes in the opening and developing of the hidden employment market by using our contact network as well as our direct search.

Longlasting occupational success of our clients is a large focus of ours

People that concentrate mostly on their tasks and the arrangement of their environment are not as sucessful as those who can build upon their talents, skills and strengths in their daily work. Therefore successful outplacement requires an individual career plan for each person.

IHH focusses primarily on the one aim: creating a situation for change for people who want to meet the challenge and leading businesses to their success. We recognise strengths and potential in people, we awaken the willingness to change and an entrepreneurial spirit. We open new perspectives and different ways.

IHH has looked deeply into this subject and we have developed three programs for our customers which act to bring qualified candidates together with the right company. In this area we concentrate mainly on the areas of design and development, finances, logistics, manufacturing and sales.

Our Outplacement programmes

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